What is an appropriate timeline for planning a NextUp Learning event?

Our Region programs and events foster learning, networking and mentoring, as well as recruit NextUp members. Our Region events are the foundation to building awareness, engaging our members and bringing our mission to life. Each region should hold learning events twice a year, in spring and fall. The attendance goal for these learning events should be 150 or more attendees. The suggested timeline for these events is as follows:

3–6 Months Prior to Event

  1. Event ‘Save the Date’ Form should be submitted and approved.

8–10 Weeks Prior to Event

  1. Submit ‘Open Registration Request Form’.
  2. Receive a notification email that the event is available for testing in 'Events Ready for Testing' within 5 business days after request is received.
  3. Regional leaders will test the link for approval.
  4. Submit any updates/changes if needed or submit approval to open the registration form.