What if I don’t see the individuals I want to assign a Membership to in my Current Non-Member list?

The Current Non-Member List only displays individuals with a NextUp account who are associated with your organization. You can have individuals being added to membership visit nextupisnow.org to create an account themselves, or as an Ambassador you can create an account on their behalves by following the below steps. All individuals who select your company, or its child companies or divisions, upon account creation will be included in your Current Non-Member list.


To add individuals:

  • Log into your NextUp Account.
  • Navigate to My Affiliations on the left-hand side menu.
  • Open the ellipsis menu for the Affiliation (Company) you wish to add an individual to and click Manage Roster. Open the ellipsis menu for the Affiliation (Company) you wish to add an individual to and click Manage Roster.
    • PLEASE NOTE: For organizations who are adding individuals to Child Companies or Divisions, look through your roster to find the company you wish to add a Member to. Once you locate the correct Child co. or Division, click on the ellipsis menu and select Add Individual. Then follow the steps above to add the individual to your organization. 
  • Click Actions at the top of the page.


  • Select Add Individual.


  • Search to see if the individual you are trying to add is already in our system by entering their information into the corresponding fields. Click Search. 
  • If the individual you are looking for shows up in the search results, this means they are not currently associated with your organization. Click Add Individual to add them to your organization. 
  • If the individual does not show up, click Create New Individual.  
    • PLEASE NOTE: When executing Bulk Changes (15+ adds/removals), our NextUp Member Services Team can assist. Contact us at connect@nextupisnow.org to request bulk changes.


  • Enter the necessary information into the Contact Information fields and click Submit. 
  • To assign the newly created individuals a Membership, follow the instruction on how to add Members to your Corporate Roster <link to Adding a Member>. 
    • NextUp HQ suggests: If you have multiple individuals to add, we suggest you first add all of them from your Company Roster page and then navigate back to My Affiliations to assign them.